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Day 1

Learning Objectives

With day one, you will

  • know what to expect from the course,
  • understand what programming is about,
  • be able to work with the p5 online editor and the class environment,
  • understand function calls, and
  • be able to draw stuff.



1.1. Setup

  1. Create a account with OpenProcessing.
  2. Sign up to the class.

1.2. Motivation

Think about it why you want to learn how to program. What would you like to achieve with it? What could be an interesting final project for you?

Bullet points as answer are sufficient. Primarily, we want to talk about this later together.

1.3. Algorithms

Write a short step-by-step description about how to peel a potato.

Which data do we have and which processes do we need?

1.4. Drawing

  1. Draw the following house by combining shapes.
  2. Draw the same house with beginShape and endShape.


  1. Draw a creative self-portrait with simple shapes.



Submit your sketches under Exercise - Drawing in the OpenProcessing class.