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Day 5

Topic Images

With this topic you

  • know how to work with images,
  • understand the concept of image animations, and
  • understand how to manipulate images.



Image Manipulation

Choose an image of your liking and manipulate it in a creative way by coding. You can build up on one of the techniques shown in class, fork a sketch from someone, or start from scratch. For example, have a look at p5’s examples in regard to images. Or be inspired by chapter P.4. Image over at the Generative Design website.


Submit your sketches under Exercise - Image Manipulation in the OpenProcessing class.

Topic Functions

With this topic you

  • understand how to structure your code more wisely, and
  • know how to define your own functions.


Topic Libraries

With this topic you

  • get to know external libraries,
  • know how to include them in OpenProcessing, and
  • specifically, know how to work with the sound library.