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ELIA Academy 2021/22 <the extended art student>

<the extended art school>


Friday 4 Feburary 2022, 14:00 - 15:30

Koenraad Hinnekint, Lena Gieseke, Kai Lehikoinen, Satu Tuittila,
Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance FAST45

In this moment of precarious social, political, economic, and ecological challenges there is a need for new, radical and utopian visions. Looking into the future is not escapist wishful thinking. Rather, it is at the core of what requires scrutiny. Building desirable futures involves ‘extended’ artists re-imagining standards and paradigms of society. For emerging young artists to act as change agents in society calls for co-creating current art educational systems anew. In this workshop participants will explore a metamorphosis of higher arts education with a particular focus on new spaces for learning. With creative envisioning and imagination, the participants will contribute towards possible futures’ images for 2045. They will explore and discuss new and transdisciplinary sites nurturing dynamic and cutting-edge learning experiences for the extended art student and artist.


After the workshop, please complete this survey. Thank you!