Winds of Kyoto


This is a project that I have developed for the Lecture “Theoretical Backgrounds in Audio & Graphics” with an asiatic theme.

Project description

Winds of Kyoto started as a tribute to a missed trip to Japan because of the corona outbreak. The first component of the project is a procedural instrumental composition built from typical japanese instrument samples that was arrange in a storytelling format, narrating a conflict between the piece keeping monks and a demonic ritual. The second component was a procedural graphic that reacts to the music. The graphic reminds of an origami and uses a shader to symbolize a soul that it contains. I then realized that the visualization was well suited for an EDM track and combined the song “Pegboard Nerds - Hero (feat. Elizaveta) (Infected Mushroom Remix)” with my own musical composition.

Link to the video

Disclaimer to the video

I do not own the original rights to the song. It is part of the experience and I edited it slightly. Please threat with care!


The audio composition was realized with Sonic Pi. And the graphical visualization was done with p5js. For more details visit my personal repo for the audio part. For more details visit my submission in the lecture folder for the graphical part.

Lessons learned

  • I learned to work creatively with samples
  • I learned to program a compositional structure
  • I learned to create an additive synthesizer programmatically
  • I learned to procedurally generate a 3D Mesh in Processing/p5
  • I learned to implement shaders in the context of p5js