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ELIA Academy 2021/22 <the extended art student>

<the extended art school>

Speculative Cartography on Futures Learning Spaces

[© Image - Gerhard Bruyns & Peter Hasdell / FAST45]


What spaces will support the learning of art students in 2045?

What spaces boost the critical thinking of arts students in 2045?

What spaces nurture innovative and transversal dialogues in 2045?

How To Start Your Imaginary Journey?

  • Choose one question and imagine a journey in 2045.
  • Travel through the boxes on the map and wonder about the future of those learning spaces.
  • Open one or more boxe(s) to discuss and look for an answer on your question. To open a box click the QR code and select the trigger page of that box or use the links on the miro board.
  • Discuss and make notes on key insights and emerging questions.

How To Create Your Speculative Cartography?

  • Summarize some of your notes about the insights and emerging themes.
  • Draw a line between the boxes to document your journey and write your notes on the map. You can write notes that articulate your thoughts about the chosen box. You might also document a specific connection between chosen boxes.
  • Prepare to share and discuss your speculative cartography with another group.

Miro Boards

Please use the following boards according to your breakout group number: